Generis Woods partnered up with numerous companies throughout the region. Together with our experience and knowledge about wood, our goal is to provide our clients with high quality and customer service while making their ideas become a reality. Aside from our gallery, we do both interior and exterior custom made flooring, furniture, and reclaimed materials for homes, hotels, restaurants, and offices that will make your space become as unique as you are.



Reclaimed oak beams, planks and sidings are the best quality wood because it has been air dried for a long period of time and because of that is extremely more stable than any other hardwood on the market. Because of the extensive air drying process, this specific type of wood has developed artistic cracks and is impossible to shrink, twist, or pull apart.

Our material comes from highly respected Slavonian block houses in which people lived in and raised their families in for centuries. Its extensive history and perfect climatic conditions are just some of the factors that make this kind of material among European’s best quality.



Our mission is to provide top quality beams and planks that are waiting to be put back to life once again.

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